Meet The Collaborative

At the Collaborative, we know that real estate is stressful in the best of circumstances. To say nothing of when you’re dealing with a life-changing event; pushing the speed of light at home, work, or both; or building a business that will change the world. We also know that with the right team behind you, it doesn’t have to be.

We’re called The Collaborative for a reason. As your real estate concierge, our team works together for your ideal tomorrow. We aim to create an amazing, curative experience that lets you live your life and get the best possible house or price in Richmond, one of the top 50 cities in the U.S.

Real estate here is competitive. But we’re experts in RVA and the surrounding counties and specialize in the hyperlocal markets within each neighborhood. We’ve got stellar videographers, lenders, marketing experts, and anyone you need for everything home. Our streamlined systems make your experience easier, and our proven processes help you come out on top. We explain every step, answer messages whenever we get them, and always remember your birthday.

That’s because we’re a caring bunch who consider our clients to be friends and family. We truly want to be your agents for life. We’ll do the hard work, and we’ll always act in your best interests. We believe we can only call it service if it leaves you shouting our name from the rooftops!

Elevate your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with The Collaborative

with Alicia Soekawa
Elevate your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with The Collaborative
William Kinnan
Gil Topaz
Erin Jordan

We have bought and sold 7 homes over the years but most of our old contacts have retired . On the advice of our daughter who works for a large real estate firm in Bethesda we tried The Collaborative and Alicia Soekawa. Our experience was simply the most professional, most strategic, most communicative and organized sales approach we have ever experienced. After updating our home with their input the hous...

— William Kinnan | The Collaborative is simply the best we have ever seen


Alicia is the absolute best there is in the real estate game. She has helped our family with multiple properties and we could not be happier with the experiences. She is your biggest advocate and supporter through out every step of the process. No need to look anywhere else because it doesn’t get any better than her!

— Gil Topaz | Alicia is the absolute best there is in the real estate game


Michael Amrhein is the ultimate real estate professional. His knowledge, demeanor and negotiation skills are top notch. He has helped us buy and sell our first home. He is beyond patient and kind. Truly I’m saddened to not have his skills when I buy my next home out of state.

— Erin Jordan | Michael is the ultimate real estate professional


The Collaborative Difference

The Collaborative represents the region’s finest properties with exceptional skill, using the most innovative technologies available. Their years of full-time experience have given them clear insight into homebuyer and seller mindsets and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace. You’ll have a team of trusted advisors on your side, working together to achieve your goals with their unsurpassed market knowledge and negotiation skills.


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Let’s Work Together.

The Collaborative offers unsurpassed market knowledge, skilled negotiations and will be your trusted advisor. Their years of full-time experience have given them a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the regional marketplace.